Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Season Photo Album

Squat and Warlock. We didn't adopt Warlock....Warlock adopted us. cats have a funny way of doing that.

Clowns!! I work with clowns.

One of the clowns likes to play this blue guitar-like thing...most likely a guitar.

The Jupiter/Venus Astronomical event that happened at the beginning of December over Al Faw Palace. I can't quite figure out what that one is in the middle. Any guesses?

No, I'm not looking at the previous photo caption. We are caught in a downpour in a HMMWV with a gigantic open hole in the roof (gunner turret.)

Chief checking out our surviving Sea Monkeys. Anyone who has grown these knows they're just Brine Shrimp, but they're pretty neat on many levels. These have survived two rather substantial attempts on their lives. One, I eluded to back in August when I talked about the "revenge" our Culourophobic friend took on Squat through them. He didn't really. His accidental spilling of the sea monkey habitat came as an unfortunate coincidence right after he was freaked-out by the clown pictures taped all over his computer monitor. Not two days after we rescued the sea monkeys, one of the girls from Engineering and Fielding stopped by for a visit and thought their habitat was one of those "snowy village" globes. Without hesitation she picked it up and began to shake it. Sea monkeys flew everywhere, all in the room were agast, Squat got pissed and banished the girl from the room, and we all undertook yet another mass-casualty rescue attempt. The second time, only one survived. He is a pretty good size now and recently, a new one popped up out of nowhere. This leads us to believe that they reproduce asexually.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Glad to see you all are keeping yourselves busy and entertained nicely! Warlock looks like Bear, may he rest in peace. He was a good kitty. So how are the cat allergies?!
Oh and by the way,
I think the clown noses are very flattering!
Take care and God bless, Love, Jo